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Advancing Organizational Capability: Applying CMMI - 4 Day Course

This course will give you practical skills to provide guidance to your organization’s improvement efforts across business disciplines and CMMI models.

What I will learn in this course?

  • Explore how the CMMI for Development, CMMI for Services, and CMMI for Acquisition models are used to solve real-world problems.
  • Understand relationships among model components, including both staged and continuous model representations.
  • How to interpret and apply CMMI effectively in order to improve processes and performance in their own organizations.

Who should take this course?

  • This course is catered to any individual ready to apply foundation knowledge of the CMMI to solve real-world problems and interested in elevating organizational performance.
  • This course is required for anyone interested in becoming an Instructor, Lead Appraiser, or Professional.

What do I need for this course?

The course is composed of lectures and class exercises with time allotted for participant questions and discussion. The format of this course requires that students actively participate and must be present for all five days of the course. Students will be assessed on their pre-course assignment, class participation, final written assignment, and end of course exam.

Prerequisite Information

  • Complete a formal offering of the Introduction to CMMI course CMMI for Development or CMMI for Services. If the Introduction to CMMI course that you attended was based on CMMI Version 1.1 or 1.2, you must successfully complete the Fundamentals of CMMI elearning course.
  • Obtain experience with using CMMI models (e.g., serving on an Engineering Process Group, mapping CMMI to the organization's processes, serving as a member of an appraisal team, etc.).
  • Be able to read, write, and speak understandable English. You will not pass this course if you cannot demonstrate this requirement. If you are a non-native English speaker, we strongly recommend that you provide your TOEFL score as demonstration of this prerequisite.
  • Advancing Organizational Capability: Applying CMMI includes some pre-class assignments.
  • The instructor will send all the information and materials needed for the assignments in advance of the course.

Please see the SCAMPI Lead Appraiser Certification page for more details.

Pre-Class Preparation

One month before the course, registered students will receive a pre-course assignment. The assignment is to be completed in advance of the in-course instruction and will serve as input to the hands-on exercises introduced in the classroom. This assignment is designed to develop important skills and capabilities.

What do I get from this course?

  • Completed a prerequisite requirement for Lead Appraiser certification.
  • Completed a prerequisite requirement for CMMI Instructor certification.
  • Completed a prerequisite requirement to become a High Maturity Lead Appraiser.
  • Completed a prerequisite requirement for CMMI Professional certification.

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