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ISO Personal Certification - Lead Auditor Integrated Business Management Systems

Triennial ISO Personal Certification Program for Professionals
PRICE $2,800.00 AUD

Overview: This certification is for those individuals who seek recognition through a "Witnessed Activity" of their knowledge and skills in wishing to perform third party ISO certification audits of Integrated Business Management Systems as a Lead Auditor for an International Accreditation Forums (IAF) Signatory Body Certification Accreditation Body (CAB) or Registrar. The role may include those who have the title of Quality Assurance Manager, Operations Manager, Risk Officer, Risk Manager, or any other similar position description within an organisation.

Standards Referenced: ISO 19011:2011, ISO 17021:2015, ISO 31000:2018, ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 45001:2018 and ISO 27001:2013 Information Security Management System Standards as required and applicable to the Management System being audited and Standards applied to be a Contract Auditor for a Certification Body.

Resources: Full On line access to ACI Global's e-Campus for ongoing Professional Development, Resource Material and Mentor services from triple certificated JAS-ANZ witnessed lead auditors.

Length of program: 3 Years Triennial Certification Program providing a structured/framework to deliver professional competency benchmarks.

Approval Numbers: ISO-LAIBMS-CAB

Prerequisites: Have completed a course of learning and have been assessed as competent against an ISO standard and or standards applicable to the "Witnessed Audit" activity to be undertaken and have the required industry codes as they relate to the organisation nominated for the Witness Observation Activity.

WITNESS EXAMINER: Triple Certificated JAS-ANZ, DAkkS, ANAB, UKAS Witnessed Lead Auditor nominated from an (IAF) Accredited Conformity Assessment Body (CAB) or Registrar.

PRICING: The price quoted includes the full 3 year program inclusive of one audit day and does not include travel and accommodation which will be charged at cost if applicable. Contact Us to discuss this in confidence.

Refund Policy: - No refund upon completion of registration and assigning of independent third party assessor.

ISO Personal Certification Requirements Witnessed Activity

Guidelines for the Witness Activity To view a copy of what will be assessed at a "Witnessed Activity please click here To view Guidance Notes for a Witness Audit Activity (ISO 9001 Lead Auditor example) in preparation to undertaking a witness audit or professional assessment to achieve ISO Personal Certification.

ISO Personal Certification Program

Step 1 - Candidates Commit to a 3 year Triennial Personal Certification Program.

Step 2 - Candidates have Knowledge, Qualifications, Industry Experience and Client relationships verified.

Step 3 - Candidates are Peer Reviewed by a JAS-ANZ (Witnessed Auditor) whilst undertaking a Stage 1 (Documentation Review) or Gap Audit on a Known Client of the Candidate.

Step 4 - Candidates are Peer reviewed by a JAS-ANZ (Witnessed) Auditor whilst undertaking upto 4 Observer Audits (Depending on Experience) under contract to an IAF CAB or Registrar.

Step 5 - Candidate completes "Witnessed Skills Activity" observed by a JAS-ANZ (Witnessed Auditor) on behalf of an IAF CAB or Registrar and are issued a Certificate of Attainment.

Step 6 - Candidate's complete the "Hogan 360 Degree Profile".

Step 7 - Upon successful completion of "Witnessed Activities" and Hogan 360 Degree Profile Candidates are Certified and issued an ISO Personal Certification Card.

ISO Personal Certification Outcome - ISO Personal Certification Card

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