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Built around Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Sustainability our moto “Quality is Contagious” do it once do it right and be prepared to say No! reflects largely on Ethics and Trust.

ACI Global’s major strength is as a founding member of the GRI, we don’t see CSR as a Buzz Word or simply embracing CSR for Political or Feel Nice and Fuzzy Motives this is all to do with Ethics and true Sustainability.

This core strength has seen ACI Global draw from a close cohesive group of family owned and operated businesses to create the "ACI Global Family" adding further capability and uniqueness to the services provided culminating in ACI Global being awarded APAC Most Innovative Learning Courses Provider 2020 and Best Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative 2020.


Global Reporting Initiative (GRI)

ACI Global is a founding member of the Global Reporting Initiative a leading organization in the sustainability field. GRI promotes the use of sustainability reporting as a way for organizations to become more sustainable and contribute to sustainable development.


International Trade Council

ACI Global works with the International Trade Council to gain credibility and develop the skills necessary to overcome trade barriers and compete in an ever changing global environment. With our already established membership of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), ACI Global views its association with the International Trade Council as International Business Best Practice and demonstrates its Corporate Responsbility.



A question for Directors, Chief Executives, Board Members and Owners on Leadership - Would you like to enhance your people's capability and maturity to:

Demonstrate impeccable character and high levels of professional competence, be action orientated while empowering others around them?

If so, Lionheart Australasia and ACI Global can work with you to create and implement LEADERSHIP, STRATEGY AND INNOVATION FRAMEWORKS which will lift your organisational performance by lifting the performance of each individual's Capability and Maturity.


Fantasic Outcomes

At Fantastic Outcomes we specialise in Interim Executive support to enable business stability, sustainability, growth, business process improvement, recovery, governance and cyber, security, business process review, robotisation process automation (RPA), project management, risk review and audits, quality management and frameworks in the workplace and business integration and automation review and risk assessments.

We are facilitators to senior executives, programs, teams and projects providing experience and knowledge to allow alignment, engagement and direction so as to achieve success.

ACI Global Facilitating Organisation Fantastic Outcomes is an ACI Global Facilitating Organisation - willing to accept a Candidate of ACI Global educational network, and avail its records and resources to the Candidate for the purposes of further development, overseen by an ACI Global mentor.


Lamrak Safety Advisory Services: was established in 2004 after the semi-retirement of Frank Malkoun, having spent 37 years been trained and developed in a range of high risk skills required of Australian Customs (Australian Border Force) and the Australian Army Special Forces; and for some 25 of those 37, his focus was on leading, developing and conducting training, coaching, mentoring other for these environments.

This knowledge and experience underpinned his near ready capability to assess a range of risks factors in sectors of commerce and industry. With further training, he has provided:

  • Safety and Environmental advisory service, and, a training and mentoring service to a range of clients including electrical distribution authorities and their contractors;
  • Training to a various RTO’s in confined spaces, all rope access techniques, and first aid (advanced, remote area, and occupational) all with required rescue practices for their respective environments; and,
  • Undertaken a consultative role to various entities in maintaining their ISO accreditations for AS/NZS 4801 now ISO 45001- 2018, ISO 14001 – 2015 and ISO 9001-2015.

Frank is a dual accredited Lead Auditor and the past two years has conducted in excess of 90 audits on government infrastructure projects; and, has continued to provide independent and unbiased feedback on Health, Safety and Environmental issues across a range of business sectors including manufacturing and construction. Frank is also associated with other service providers, including ACI Global, TRAC International, Freney First Aid, Exergy Risk, and Trinitas Group all of whom are accessible, and willing to assist each other in offering clients best possible information.


Digital Learning Solutions

Digital Learning Solutions leaders in Learning Management and Live Communications software development, providing a new generation of learning Management Solutions called e-Quip. e-Quip runs the full learning management centre for learning outcomes for those wanting to participate in the new era of Professional Development.

ACI Global is a established contracted key alliance partner to DLS and uses the DLS software as part of its ISO registered "Quality" ISO 9001 and 29990 learning and Certification Services Platform.


SHEQA works with both Australian and International clients in the Construction and Resource sectors in the areas of Safety, Health, Environment, Quality Assurance with the objective to improve their overall performance. SHEQA's competitive advantage lies in its ability to adapt knowledge and understanding gained through working with our clients and to apply this economically, efficiently and effectively in all circumstances.

HSEQ Works

HSEQ Works is a Management Solution that is customizable for your unique business and compliance needs. We are Health and Safety professionals who, through our own experience, understand the challenges of increasingly complex regulatory requirements. HSEQ Works provides a management system that is suitable for your business which includes the tools, systems and processes your business requires to achieve and maintain ISO standards:

  • In field system provides instant visibility of mandatory HSEQ forms, permits, quality verifications, inspections etc.
  • Worker, Plant&Asset compliance, with expiry alerts, competency checks, inspections and registers.
  • Supports Audit&Inspection management requirements including field inspections, inspection outcomes, schedules, non-conformances and corrective actions.
  • Immediate in field Incident Management reporting, followed by risk based investigation, return to work processes, and HSEQ analysis and trend reporting.
  • Management of subcontractor’s workers, plant, insurance&licences.
  • Access to all project/job related and operational documentation created anywhere from any location straight away.
  • Offers Project progress tracking using in field information daily.

To contact HSEQ Works please phone +61 409 005976

Joelan Consultancy

Joelan Consulting provides independent consulting service to public and private sector clients throughout Australia in:

  • Transport.
  • Materials Handling.
  • Quality Systems development and implementation.
  • Facilitation, training and mentoring.

Pro TechQA

Pro TechQA Consulting provides independent training and consulting services to public and private sector clients throughout South Africa:

  • Agentcy for ACI Global for the delivery of ACI Global's full suite of Training programs;
  • Provides full mentoring and support services for all Learners within South Africa.


Envirosure provides Professional Indemnity Insurance for the Environmental Industry. At EnviroSure we have filled the gaps that exist in most Professional Indemnity Insurance covers with our core business creating high calibre products for our clients, who are in professional disciplines associated with environment and natural resource management, water/waste water, planning and sustainable development.

Quality Mentors - "Linking Quality to Business Success" Global Providers of Training, Consultancy and Appraisal services to the software industry.

Services include Metrics Based SPI (Software Process Improvement) for Development, Project Management Training and Consultancy, Removal of your pain points through process optimization SCAMPI Appraisals and Value Adding Internal Audits for product and process improvements.

Whether your process and product improvement needs arise from growth or your customers demand to achieve a particular maturity/capability level or you are simply looking for ways to improve process, project or product performance, we at QualityMentors are eagerly willing to assist.

Lockforce Consultancy Pty Ltd. specialize in high risk security projects such as Maritime Security Operations, Executive Protection, Security Assessments, Port Audits, Consulting Services and Security.

LOCKFORCE is a registered security company based out of Brisbane, Australia, that provides various security functions and services globally to an international standard.

LOCKFORCE Consultants have extensive knowledge within the International security sector and are predominately ex Australian Special Forces (SAS). LOCKFORCE Consultancy bases itself on professionalism, integrity, knowledge and education to ensure all deliverables have been executed in a timely and effective manner encompassing the clients needs.

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