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ACI Global's Corporate Profile

Introduction to ACI Global

ACI Global reaches out to customers worldwide through a network of alliance partners and specialist organisations who share a passion for the delivery of best practice and above all cost effective business and the acceleration of continuous improvement initiatives.

ACI Global is an Australian owned Pty Ltd Quality assured ISO 9001:20215/29990:2010 Learning and Personal Certification Services Provider (LSP).

The ACI Global Business Model is underpinned by the organisations ISO Personal Certification Learning, Assessment and Examination Model e-Quip and ISO Personal Certification Register which provide users a rich and rewarding learning and ongoing professional development experience for a lifetime of career high achievements.

Value Proposition

ACI Global as an ISO "Quality Assured" Organisation enables it to offer clients significantly increased value, marketability and focus for their existing services and increased global reach through access to the ACI Global ISO Certified Persons Register of Business Professionals.

For ACI Global "Quality is Contagious" and adds value to the “Person” and thereby adds value to the "Organisation" and its business activities (processes). Quality is not a cost it is a direct value add on to the business and hence Quality is not and should not be expensive or out of the reach of any person or organisation.

Market Segment

ACI Global’s Business Model enables virtually all existing suppliers of training solutions to embrace the use of the ISO Certified e-Quip Learning and Certification Management Platform and deliver ISO Personal Certification outcomes for its members. It’s unique and simple operation recognises that different market segments have different needs and allows for ongoing professional leadership development through verification of competence (VOC) and personal recognition in line with ISO standards and Industry Statutory and Regulatory requirements.

Value Chain Structure

Not only is the ISO Certified Business Coaches position within the ACI Global Business Model enhanced by significantly reduced learning and Personal Certification costs their core activities within the value chain are further enhanced through ISO recognition and the ability for adding value to an organisation.

This gives the ISO Certified Business Coach and their organisation the ability to capture the value that has been created within the ACI Global Business Model and pass this value on through the organisation.

Revenue Generation and Margins

ACI Global does not believe that "Quality in Education and Professional Development" should be a cost burden and through effective and simple processes ensures revenue is generated for its key alliance partners via highly competitive licence and/or course generation fees enabling the alliance partner to capture the highest possible retail fees for all course offerings within the Business Model.

But the key is "Quality!" Quality must come from the person, only then will the organisation benefit as People are the Organisation without ISO Certified Quality Proffesionals an organisation will not survive.

Position in the ACI Global Value Network

The ACI Global Business Model is highly visible due to its high profile and single aim to create value for organisations through adding and maintaining the competence of its employees, and to provide them with lasting and meaningful results. The Business Model embraces many collaborating partners all contributing within the network with the ultimate aim of utilising their collective expertise to deliver more value to the ISO certified business coach to collectively lift the productivity of an organisation.

Provision of Accelerating Continuous Improvement (ACI) to the ISO Certified Business Coach and Organisation

The ACI Global Business Model is highly robust and provides the ISO Certified Business Coach the platform and tools needed to undertake ongoing and indeed accelerating continuous improvement in conformance to ISO requirements.

ACI Global’s ISO Certified Persons Register also allows not only International and National organisations the ability to source ISO certified coaches when required, it also ensures the right skills provided for the organisation as ACI Global personally oversees the placement of each ISO Certified coach.

ACI Global Services providing a pathway to personal and organisational Excellence

ACI Global services are all build around and delivered in accordance to our Key Business Objectives in conformance to the following Core ISO Standards:

  • Integrated Management Systems: Quality ISO 9001, Environmental 14001, Health and Safety 45001 and Information Security 27001
  • Risk: ISO 31000
  • Food Safety: ISO 22000
  • Assets: ISO 55000
  • Energy: ISO 5000
  • Continuity Planning: ISO 22301
  • Corporate Sustainability: ISO 26000

Excellence of training programs

  • Program/Course Conversion and Hosting on the ISO Certified Platform;
  • Courses and or programs sold under license;
  • Recognition of prior learning and current competence;
  • Online and Face to Face traditional delivery of learning services and training;
  • Facilitation and Mentoring Services.

Recognition through ISO Personal Certification

  • ISO Triennial Personal Certification Programs for all ISO Certified Professionals

Impartiality and Fairness in delivering learning and certification outcomes

  • Conformance to ISO standards
  • Quality is contagious and is not considered an expense

Vehicle for Continuous Improvement and optimisation

  • The provision of a 3-year Continuous Professional Development Guarantee for all certified professionals;
  • The provision and personal placement of ISO Certified Professionals to undertake Independent third party audits for systems, projects or sites;
  • The provision and personal placement of ISO Certified Business Coaches to undertake projects evaluations and or assessments of business systems.

Leadership role in the competitive training and personal certification market

  • World leader in being a Quality assured ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 29990:2010 as a Learning and Personal Certification Services Provider;
  • World leader in providing ISO certified business professionals who are certified against a wide range of ISO standards (not schemes) to Industry and international organisations.

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