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ISO Personal Learning and Training

ACI Global ISO 21001:2018 Learning Model

The ACI Global Learning model is based on a simple and cost effective process to learning and Professional Development for Educational Organisations based on the following principles:

  • Business Ethics: Our courses are based on Business Best Practice Principles "Objective, Measurement, Optimization, Strategy, Performance and Evaluation" supported by current CMMI and or International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) standards ISO 9001:2015 for example and as such we do not build into the price of our course/s or incur unnecessary barriers for the candidate by having our courses unnecessarily certified by Third Party Bodies;
  • Transparency: A full and detailed overview of each CMMI or ISO course is provided including a comprehensive course outline, outcomes and support offered before you purchase along with a Diploma and full Learning outcomes Transcript at the completion of all courses;
  • Process Approach: All CMMI or ISO courses are not only based on CMMI or ISO Standards they involve full participation of an Organisation Business Model embracing the Plan Do Check Act (PDCA) approach and understanding a Business Framework of accelerating continuous improvement through optimization performance and evaluation;
  • Values: A comprehensive 3 year "Continuous Professional Development Guarantee" to the candidate for all courses offered ensuring Accelerating Continuous Improvement (ACI) of the candidate and Sustainability for their Organisation;
  • Culture and Sustainability: All courses embrace social responsibility and sustainability by embracing both the Global Reporting Initiatives (GRI) and ISO 26000 Social Responsivity guidelines with ISO 26000 included as a Guidance standard and;
  • Outcome Based: All course outcomes Diplomas and or Certificate of Competence are firstly accredited against either the CMMI Process or ACI Global's ISO 21001:2018 Educational Organisations Management System and then verified by the candidates participating organisation being certified or accredited against an Industry and or ISO standard/s.

Benefits of ISO Personal Learning for both the candidate and Participating Organisation

  • Secure Online Portal access to the latest standards, industry updates, news and mentoring services and in full conformance with all applicable Privacy Laws with ACI Global's 3 year Continuous Professional Development (CPD) agreement;
  • Learning and training delivered by an ISO training and personal certification provider with no hidden costs passed on by unnecessary involvement of Third Parties;
  • Learning and Training delivered online or inhouse:
  • No time limits set to complete your course
  • You learn at your own pace with the involvement of a known organisation;
  • You have your own experienced ISO Triple Certificated Business Best Practice Observed and Witnessed Facilitator and Mentor having a minimum of 20 years Business Experience within the field of study;
  • All learning materials including ISO standards are included at no additional fee:
  • Full access to comprehensive online library and support materials.
  • Certificate of Competence and Diploma issued upon successful completion of Learning and the Participating Organisation receives a Certificate of Sustainability verifying the Candidates Learning and Professional Development.

ACI Global ISO Learning Process

Recognition of Prior Learning - Recognise Prior Learning and Current Competence by assessing candidates CV, industry experience, prior learning, special needs and agree on time frames and process for ongoing professional development.

Assess - Facilitation & Moderation - Candidates are provided a wide range of briefing notes to aid in formulating learning outcomes in line with Business Frameworks, ISO Standards and Industry Regulations and requirements.

Examine - Submit Answer/s online for Facilitation and or Moderation to determine if you are "Competent" or "Not Yet Competent"

Examine - Attitude and Cultural Diversity - Assess candidates understanding of attitude and cultural diversity.

Examine - Personal Behaviour Disciplines - Assess candidates personal behaviour disciplines through review and assessment using the Hogan leadership performance profile.

Examine - Validate and Assess the Candidate's Skills using Business Best Practice (Observational Means) process/s of verifying and validating the candidate demonstration of their Skills whilst undertaking and completing their initial Witnessed Skills Activity in evaluation of an activity and or process's.

Candidate: ISO Personal Learning Outcome - Diploma

Candidates Participating Organisation: Certificate of Sustainability to an Industry and or ISO standard/s.

If you have any questions regarding ISO Personal Learning please feel free to Contact us or go to Training Courses to select and pay for your ISO Training Course.