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International Shipping&Port Facility Security Code (ISPS) Course

ISPS CSO SSO PFSO Maritime Course - Australian Residents



COURSE FEES: $1,550.00 AUD

COURSE RECOGNITION: Certificate of Competence CSO, SSO&PFSO.

COURSE LENGTH: Dependent on Candidates commitments and resources.



COURSE FACILITATOR: Approved ISO Facilitators

Refund Policy: - No refund upon completion of registration and enrollment process.

COURSE PREREQUISITES: Candidates will require some experience and understanding of the Maritime Security Industry, allowing all candidates to gain information, knowledge and a better understanding of the ISPS code. For further information on Maritime Security please refer to the INTERNATIONAL MARITIME ORGANISATION Web Site.

COURSE DESIRABLES: Broadband ADSL together with SKYPE or Windows Live Messenger is highly recommended. This technology will be used to assist the student during the course.

KEY COMPETENCY OUTCOMES: The Key competency outcomes below indicates the competency standards and examination profiles for the International Shipping&Port Facility Security Code Course (ISPS Course).

  • Competency Unit 1: Understand the International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS) Code requirements.
  • Competency Unit 2: Understand the requirements of Maritime Security Planning.
  • Competency Unit 3: Understand the considerations for Maritime Security.
  • Competency Unit 4: Understand the requirements of Maritime Security Operations.
  • Competency Unit 5: Understand the requirements of ISPS Assessments, Audits, Records and Reviews.
  • Competency Unit 6: Understand the requirements of Maritime Transport and Offshore Facility Security Act (MTOFSA).

COURSE ENQUIRIES: - For any further information regarding the ISPS Course please email Lockforce


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