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International Shipping & Port Facility Security Code (ISPS) Course

Certificate in Maritime CSO, SSO and PFSO Courses
ISPS CSO SSO PFSO Maritime Course - International Residents



COURSE FEES - International: $1,350.00 AUD

COURSE RECOGNITION: Certificate of Competence CSO, SSO & PFSO.

COURSE LENGTH: Dependent on Candidates commitments and resources.




Refund Policy: - No refund upon completion of registration and enrollment process.

COURSE PREREQUISITES: Candidates will require some experience and understanding of the Maritime Security Industry, allowing all candidates to gain information, knowledge and a better understanding of the ISPS code. For further information on Maritime Security please refer to the INTERNATIONAL MARITIME ORGANISATION Web Site.

COURSE DESIRABLES: Broadband ADSL together with SKYPE or Windows Live Messenger is highly recommended. This technology will be used to assist the student during the course.

KEY COMPETENCY OUTCOMES: The Key competency outcomes below indicates the competency standards and examination profiles for the International Shipping & Port Facility Security Code Course (ISPS Course).

  • Competency Unit 1: Understand the International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS) Code requirements.
  • Competency Unit 2: Understand the requirements of Maritime Security Planning.
  • Competency Unit 3: Understand the considerations for Maritime Security.
  • Competency Unit 4: Understand the requirements of Maritime Security Operations.
  • Competency Unit 5: Understand the requirements of ISPS Assessments, Audits, Records and Reviews.

AUDITOR REGISTRATION: At the successful completion of the course candidates are encouraged to seek Registration with Exemplar Global under the Lockforce Maritime Security Professional Scheme, before applying for their preferred scope of ISPS Auditor or Skill Examiner Registration.

COURSE ENQUIRIES: - For any further information regarding the ISPS Course please email Lockforce


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